• Non-Alcoholic Drink “Bar”

This option includes iced tea, lemonade, coke, diet coke, sprite, and water. 9oz plastic cups are included.


  • Upgraded Bar Decor

We offer bar decor packages to match the theme or colors of your event. Bar decor will be added inside and outside the bar trailer in order to give it that extra, customized pop!


  • Tossware Cup Upgrade

Clear, shatterproof, glass look-alike plastic cups that provide a more upscale look for any event!


  • Champagne Toast

We will temporarily close the bar while we assist in the pouring and passing of champagne. We also bring extra ice and coolers to chill the champagne ahead of the toast.


  • Additional Hour(s) of Service

Add on one or more hours of service. The additional fee contributes to service time, supplies, and staff.